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kurgan74's 1st rd mock


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1. Houston- Reggie Bush, RB USC-

the comparisons to Gayle Sayers and Barry Sanders is too

tmpting for the Texans

2. New Orleans- Vince Young, QB Texas- The Michael Vick comparison is not fair, he is a much

better passer than Vick was or is.

3. Tennessee- Matt Leinart, QB USC- Norm Chow coaching Leinart again.

Matt Leinart will prosper.

4. New York Jets-D'Brickshaw Ferguson, OT Virginia-A franchise OT in the

Tony Bosseli Anthony Munoz mold.

5. Green Bay Packers-Mario Williams, DE NC State- A great pass rushing compliment

to Derek Burgess

6. Oakland Raiders-A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio State-250 lb linebackers with 4.4 speed are

always loved in the NFL. Hawk will be a major force for the silver and black.

7. San Francico 49'ers-Michael Huff, S Texas- An Ed Reed clone

8. Buffalo Bills-Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon. Sam Adams is on his last legs

and they still need to replace Pat Williams.

9. Detroit Lions-Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech- I am sure Millen will not take another

WR in Rd 1.

10. Arizona Cardinals-Jake Cutler, QB Vanderbilt. I look for the

Cards to trade down and try to still get Cutler.

If they can't trade down Cutler will be taken here.

11. St. Louis Rams- Tamba Hali-DE Penn State. The Rams definitely

need help on the D line.

12. Cleveland Browns-Winston Justice, OT USC. The Browns better protect

Fye if they want him to survive year 2.

13. Baltimore Ravens-Lendale White, RB USC. White will allow the Ravens to

send Jamal Lewis packing.

14. Philadelphia Eagles-Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State-The eagles depsperately need WR help. If

they do not pick up at least 2 in free agency Holmes will be thier man,

15. Atlanta Falcons-Rodrique Wright, DT Texas-Atlanta would love to build up its D.

16. Miami DOlphis-Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College, Nick Saban knows value and would

jusmp at getting this talent in the draft.

17. Minnesota Vikings-Chad Greenway, LB Iowa, The Vikings need help on the D and Greenway

is a steal at this point.

18. Dallas Cowboys-Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn-An enormous tackle who coan oopen the holes for Julius Jones.

19. San Diego Chargers-Derek Hagan, WR Arizona St.-Brees needs another weapon to through to.

20. Kansas City Chiefs-Eric Winston, OT Miami-The Chiefs have an aging line and Winston could be a 10yr


21. New England Patriots-Ko Simpson, S South Carolina-The Patriots need help in the secondary

22. Denver Broncos-Vernon Davis-TE Maryland-A stretch the field TE for Plummer

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Mercedes Lewis-TE UCLA-Lewis will be the big target in the mddle of the field

will help Chris Sims develop.

24. Cincinnati Bengals-DT Claude Wrooten, DT LSU-The Bengals must stop the run and Wrooten will be

a major help.

25. New York Giants-Darnell Bing, S USC, a big play S is always a nice addition to any team

26. Chicago Bears-Martin Nance, WR Miami (OH)-Another WR to help the anemic Bears offense

27. Pittsburgh Steelers-DeAngelo Willams, RB Memphis-If the Bus does retire the Steelers will be sure to take

the hard running Williams.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars-RB Laurence maroney-How much does fred Taylor have left?

29. Seattle Seahawks- Tye Hill, CB Clemson- Seattle could use another solid cover corner.

30. Indianapolis COlts-Abdul Hodge, ILB Iowa- The Colts still need help on the defensive front.

31. Carolina Pathers- Carolina Panthers- Johnathan Scott, OT Texas-Scott will add needed depth to the Pathers OL

32. Denver Broncos-Orien Harris, DT Maimi-Harris would give the Broncos more depth to the d-line

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