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the middle


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can thornton, williams , and wbster hold up the middle. I went 6 games last year and williams couldnt stop a powerful runningback


thats why we need to draft a DT badly in round 1 or 2. Its so bad in the middle that Smith is better at run stopping from the outside than our DT's are. If we get some meat in the middle on the line, i think webster will be perfect.

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i really think webster will be an animal if we could get a vince wilfork kind of guy. Hey what about gilbert brown we could get him for the league minimum

Interesting...but too early to say. <_<

Agreed. Too early to say.

He's got some good indicators, and he definitely talks a good game .... but seeing is believing. Either way, getting the dt is critical or they'll do the same thing with Webster that they did with Hardy ....... run right at him. That means you don't even have to block him that well. Just keep him from plugging the hole.

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i just did some research and big gilbert has had problems with his legs but i woud to if i was that big. he has only had 3 years that he has played all 16 games :(

I agree, he's too much of an injury risk and I know if you sign Brown to a minimal contract it doesn't hurt too bad if he does get hurt, but he uses a roster spot and it does us no good.

The only thing that's changed in regards to the middle is our MLB. The DTs last season showed their no worth and it would be foolish to go into 2004 thinking our rush defense will all of the sudden turn it around. I'm with everyone on board here, we need to get a big ol' fatty to clog the middle.

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My answer to the question is Hell absolutely NOT..........

Tony Williams is a liability at the point of attack.... He's been playing the "tweener " role his entire career... and it's time that it comes to an end.

In minnesota, he benefited from playing next to John Randle.

when he came here, He benefited from playing next to a healthy Oliver Gibson.. both of those have passed,and so must he..

John Thornton is a younger version of Williams, so a big /quick man must be added next to him.Wilfork or Starks in round 1..

Marcus Tubbs,Darnell Dockett, rounds 2..

Demarco McNeil ,Isaac Sopoaga,Igor Olhansky,rounds 3.

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