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3 round bengals mock


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round 1 Laron Landry SS LSU

With Mike Huff and Ko simpson gone the bengals take the best Safety on the board. Landry will come in start right away and make our only weak spot in the secondary a strength. Landry has amazing range , its amazing how fast he covers ground. Landry has excellent ocverage skills and hits like a linebacker he is th eideal Safety.

Round 2 Darryl Tapp DE VT

While not having the best Physical Measurables Tapp still dominated the College Game with hardwork and intensity. Tapp was on All-Acc selction and finished

the season with ten sacks. Tapp is technically sound and knows the game very well, He should instantly give the bengals an up graded passrush

Round 3 Orien Harris DT Miami

Harris is a very good Run Stuffer and has shown flashes of being a good passrusher. Harris like Tapp Dosn't have the greatest physical tools but gets it done on the field, though inconsistant he is still a very good player and should start right away

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Yeah safety is not the choice of teams for a 1st rounder and in this year's draft there's several available throughout that would be an upgrade for the Bengals. My preference would be a 1st rounder for a safety only if he can also be a cover corner and cover nickel in the slot.

Huff most likely will be drafted as a CB rather than a safety because he plays at hellacious game speed and can cover like a cover corner and a nickle in the slot. The next best thing to the type of player Huff is in the draft IMO would be Donte Whitner but he's more likely a 2nd rounder.

At DE I'd like to see more edge speed than Tapp and I doubt Harris will be effective at all in a 4-3.

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I realize he's undersized, but what do you think about Manny Lawson for us in the first? He's got the best edge speed in years (the verticle leap mechanism is not even high enough to measure his leap), and he's a hurdler on the track team (and triple and long jumper). I realize he'll be a workout warrior because of his speed (probably sub 4.6) but his lack of size and polish could help him slide to us (most mocks have him in our range if not lower). I know we're pretty committed to Pollack, Smith, and Geathers, but whattaya think?

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Ed Reed 24th pick overall 2002


Landry has not declared for the draft as off the deadline 1/15.

Unless he has just not publicly announced his intentions, he is staying in school.

NFL releases offical early entry list end of this week.

You're right, Landry has decided to go back to school for his senior year. Hurts safety depth in the draft but can't knock a kid for wanting to graduate.

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