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Goff now a charger


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Just read this on www.Bengals.com, Hobson interwiewing Nate Webster. Anyone think this may indicate who we are gonna pick up to bolster the O-Line?

GH: They say you’re always in the middle of it. That you’re never going to back away from a fight. What was your toughest fight?

NW: I would have to say (Bills guard) Ruben Brown. That was the one guy I may have backed down from. He told me he was going to end my career. I poked him in the eyes. I tried to go get Sapp and get Ruben off me.

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Paging Victor Leyva...Victor Leyva, please report to the starting lineup...

VL is going to finally have to step it up. He had a few good outings in preseason last year, if I recall rightly.

Alternatively, we resign Ritchie "the old man" Braham. I think that's likely, actually, I doubt he gets any offers, so he should be available for a league-minimum deal.

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This is a problem - whom are we going to start there? Victor Leyva or Scott Rehberg...??? Rehberg was terrible when he filled in for Levi Jones last year - maybe he could do a better job at G, but we now have two possible holes in our OL at G and C... We better re-sign Braham (I think he can still play two more years) or get that Bober kid from the Giants or we are in serious trouble... I really don't care to see Thatcher Szalay and Leyva or Rehberg starting at C and G respectively... We are starting a rookie QB next year, the last thing we need is an OL in disarray...

I was glad to see we matched on Graham - I think a good K is necessary, but he sure cost us a bit... We cut Artrell Hawkins and that really depletes our depth at CB - we certainly cant count on Jeff Burris being ok and he is slow as hell anyway (he can cover well inside 15 yards, but gets beat beyond that), so that leaves Dennis Weathersby and Terrell Roberts - 2 untested second year players... Roberts was great on ST and saw a little action at CB, but do we really want to count on either of those two as starters at this point? I think not...

The way I see it we now have 5 holes to fill - C, OG, DT, DB and another S... With signing of Shane Graham, it appears we have only enough money to get one more better than average FA or two middle tier ones... The possibility still exists that Marvin can cut another veteran or two (maybe Adrian Ross - I really like him, but is he healthy, Jeff Burris or Carl Powell??) to free up more cap space, of course that just kills our depth that much more...

I firmly believe the OL MUST be addressed first and foremost at this point - we absolutely have to sign a G or C via free agency or re-sign Braham...!! Palmer must have an OL to give him an opportunity to succeed... I say we cut another veteran or two and sign an OL and a DB or S as there are really not any DT's available worth going after at this point in free agency... If we sign Bober or re-sign Braham, we may be able to get away w/ Rehberg or Leyva at G... That is not ideal, but we may have no choice and at least the line would be pretty much equal to last years squad... We then must go after what is left to be filled in the draft - DT and CB or S - depending on which secondary position we sign in free agency...

I hate to be a bit negative, but I went from smiling yesterday w/ our signings to being a bit worried about the holes that now exist after Goff left and the Graham signing hampered us...

All I know is if Marvin and his boys can work this out, they are truly geniuses!! It's certainly not impossible, but is most certainly challenging... Go Cincy...!!

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Agreed... ...and we sure as hell better avoid OL injuries this year because the depth is not good...

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this year's draft is pretty rich in good guard depth... We can add a good guard in round 2 with Chris Snee from Boston College... or we can get Jake Grove in round 2 , who can play G or C...!

Also... the kid from Miami...not Vernon Carey... but Carlos Joseph is a huge guy 6-6 345 lbs. with good feet... has played tackle before,but scouts feel he would be an Ideal guard that we could get in round 3 or 4...

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