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Winfield Stiffs Jets


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Local papers say Winfield backed out of his deal with the Jet (something like $30 million, including a $10 million signing bonus and $18 million total over the 1st 3 years) because basically the entire coaching staff and team of the Minnesota Vikings called all night long begging him to come up to Minny and let them shower him with cash. Jay-zus Kay-rist! Forget a FA CB this year, we're taking Hall or Gamble or Poole or someone in the first. Looks like Winfield will get something on the order of $6 million a year, and the Jets are now targeting Plummer, per reports here. Which means even elderly CBs like Vincent and (ugh) Taylor will want a good $4 million. Fuggedaboutit. Mikey will never pay (and the sad thing is he's probably right not to.) :angry::angry::angry:

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Whether or not we can improve our secondary in Free Agency....we should still try to improve our Defensive line with our first 2 pics...

We can add a linebacker in round 3..

We NEED a defensive tackle, and a Defensive end. Should we grab Will Smith if Udeze is gone..?? not sure, but he has quickness, and can get to the passer.. I think Udeze is better.

If wilfork or Harris is there, then jump on them..

Word out of The Sporting News is, the Steelers and Texans are leading towards drafting cornerbacks with their first round selections,, which means the Jets could as well. I don't want to see the Bengals settle on a guy like Strait or Poole, because they were the best available , or should I say, Best that's left.....There is a real shot that Antwan Odom could fall to the second round.. If we land a tackle in 1... I say we move up in Round 2 to make sure we get him...size up the middle and speed on the edge would fix a lot of problems...!

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Well, per espn radio, Vincent is supposed to decide between us and Buffalo today...and the release of Toast makes me think they're pretty confident he'll come here. He's not my first choice but I would prefer James & Vincent to James & Burris (and while I have hopes for Weathersby I would rather not throw him *straight* into the fire). Keep your collective fingers crossed.

Vincent would really free us up in round one, and I agree, Smith would be a fine pick. Staks, Wilfork, and Hall won't make it to 17, I'm iffy on Gamble persoanlly, and Udeze will be gone, too.

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Not sure Joisey... My next mock will have the Texans and Steelers drafting cornerbacks, with the Jets taking a Wide-out..and the Bills taking a offensive tackle. Bears ,get their lineman....bucs, get a running back or a linebacker,,, and the 49ers take wr,lb,dt....so there's still a shot ...

I hope.

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