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The Bengals made it a double announcement Thursday when they introduced their first free-agent signings in middle linebacker Nate Webster and safety Kim Herring.

Each has a Super Bowl ring and both look to be starters for a defense that finished 28th in the NFL and is keyed on improving a run defense that finished tied for 25th.

In Webster, 26, they hope to be administering an attitude adjustment with a fast, feisty, take-no-prisoners player that has spent all four seasons in a complementary role for Tampa Bay’s renowned unit that won the Super Bowl for the Bucs a year ago.

Herring, 28, won his Super Bowl ring under Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis in Baltimore before he moved on to play the last three seasons in St. Louis. The 6-0, 200-pound Herring, a product of Solon, Ohio, missed all of last season with a broken forearm. He made 31 starts in 2001 and 2002 for the Rams and had a total of 130 tackles and four interceptions while also making a start in the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. That matched the start he made for the Ravens in their win over the Giants to end the 2000 season.

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Looks like another solid-but-no-champagne signing to me. Herring was coming on (7 picks in his last three seasons vs. 0 the four before) before getting sidelined by injury last year. I don't know that it spells the end of Roman, tho, since Marvin views the safety slots as interchangable; Beckett would be my guess, but we'll see.

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I'm all but guaranteeing that Roman will be a Packer before the week is out. They're gonna love putting him with Marques Anderson ...and Darren Sharper would have a year or 2 to show him some things as well.

I guess I'm the only one that thought Rogers Beckett,out performed Roman last year.. I think he got exposed a bit trying to cover one on one a couple of times,but he's not that type of athlete. Doesn't have the Hips.

Roman offers some 1 on 1, but like I said.. He's gone !

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Add my voice to the Beckett backers. I like him more than Roman, I just get the impression from reports out of Bengaldom that they aren't interested in him anymore. Don't know why not...

Have to agree. Roman has been with the Bengals and should have been better in the defense than a guy whos was just picked up. The fact that he was outplayed by Beckett ( by most of our perceptions ) shows how average Roman was / is. He probably will be a Packer by the end of the week, and so what ! I would like to see them sign Beckett though. After a year in the system, he should be better. With the likes of Owens coming in and maybe Garcia going to the Browns, we're definitely going to have to step up the defense.

CB's .................... just saw on SportsCenter that the Lions signed Bryant, so I guess he's out of the picture. Wasn't really crazy about Vincent ( due to age only ), but he's starting to look better and better. Let's hope Weathersby turns out to be the player everybody thought he was going to be when he was drafted.

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