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Dillon Gettin' High?


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Mile High, that is...from profootballtalk.com:


Another rumor as to which we've yet to receive official confirmation is that, once the Broncos trade Clinton Portis to the Redskins, they'll make a play for disgruntled Bengals running back Corey Dillon.

We can understand why the Broncos would be interested in a guy like Dillon.  Quentin Griffith is good for a change of pace, but at 5'7" it's hard to envision him as a full-time featured back.

Also, it was the Broncos whom Dillon torched for a then-record 278 rushing yards in 2000.

Our guess is that, to get Dillon, the Broncos would send to Cincy the second-round pick that Denver will pick up in the Portis trade.

The thought that the Broncos might be interested in CD occured to me after the Bailey/Portis rumors began flying, but this is the first time I've seen it mentioned. But I'd take a second-round pick in a heartbeat.

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Still think it was a bad trade, but can't argue with the fact that the value of a good cornerback has outweighed the value of a good running back.

But if Denver comes offering Washington's second rd. pick for Dillon... .

Even I ,,, Yes I Who-Dey would buy the plane ticket .. :D

Cincy would have 3 picks in the first 49..?

I can Smell .. DeAngelo Hall in round 1. Jake Grove and John Vilma or Dontarrious Thomas in round 2.

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Hobson mentions the rumor in his latest site update:

Although the buzz had the Broncos taking the second-round draft pick they got from Washington in the Champ Bailey deal and shipping it to Cincinnati for Dillon to replace Clinton Portis, there are no indications such a deal is in the offing. Those close to Dillon had not heard from Denver as of Monday night, and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis tight-lipped the past on a day he took the franchise on a major step into the future by naming Carson Palmer the starting quarterback.
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