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On the Clock Draft Updated Mock


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Interesting to say the least.... Couple of things most intriquing is Larry Fitzgerald getting past the lions, and falling to the Browns.. Roy Williams going to the Dolphins instead of a Quarterback... And Roy Williams going after Reggie Williams and Mike Clayton.

Dunta Robinson being the first cb selected is odd too, but after his combine workouts anything is possible.

Tommie Harris in round 1 could be a possiblity...But with Antwan Odom there in round 2, No way Marvin could pass that kid up.. Very similiar to Udeze ,natural pass rusher with great physical skills... 6-5 275 , and quick.I'd have to pull the trigger on him if he's there at # 49.

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:lol: This dude cant be serious!! The 49ers pick Rashaun Woods over Roy Williams; and he falls at number 20?? What the f**k would the 49ers or any other team for that matter be thinking to let him slide? Dude is a top ten player, I dont care what anyone thinks....he has size, and he's faster than both of the other Williams WR's and Fitzgerald...he used to run track I think....wow.....Apparently this dude had some good ism to smoke :blink: I'm dumbfounded...I guarantee you if Larry Fitzgeral falls past the Raiders, Denny's gonna grab him.....he used to be their ball boy, he knows what kind of talent that kid is....this is the most retarded draft ive seen in a while.... :blink:

Here's a couple of more realistic drafts....




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I would like to get some opinions from Bengals fans on Gamble and Dwan Edwards going to Cincy.

I'm probably Gamble's biggest supporter...A lot of people want D-Lineman in the 1st, but I think we should go with Gamble in the first then try to get Dwan in the 2nd (we've had sucess with Oregon State players, Chad, T.J., and Weathersby) Gamble is what Leslie Frazier envisions in his CB's and we know his track record of cranking out top notch secondaries....he used to be a CB himself...I think that in a couple of seasons, Gamble will be a top 5 CB in this league, he has that much talent. I don't know as much about Dwan, but I know he helped himself quite a bit @ both the Senior Bowl and the Combine...and the Bengals were interested in him prior to both of those events....

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Personally i'm a Deangelo Hall guy... Gamble may be a bit taller, but Hall's speed and athleticism rate them at least as equals. Plus Hall is a playmaker.. He's physical, he supports the run, and he's a heck of a return man.

Not sold on Edwards, . ..His girth seems to be limiting his athleticism.. He probably should lose 60 lbs, and play tight end, cause he looks like he doesn't move his feet too well, because of his weight..

Marcus Tubbs, I think is more the athlete... Definitely Randy Starks... Both of them Have are playing at their bodys' natural weight I think..

Depending on how this crazy draft is gonna go.. Gotta say that if the opportunity is there in round 1 for Udeze,Harris, or Wilfork ,..draft them.. if they're gone.. Hall then Gamble.. not Poole. if they're all gone... trade down and get D.J.Williams or Randy Starks.

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according to this most recent draft.. I'd have to take Tommie Harris at 17, and then Antwan Odom at 50....The quickness and pass rush we could muster from a front 4 with

RDE--Antwan Odom...

RDt---John Thornton..

LDT---Tommie Harris..

Lde---Justin Smith...

would put the Carolina line to shame.....Hell with that speed and size up front.. we could bring back Hawkins and make him look like Ty Law... :lol::D:lol:

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You gotta remember Bengalthem... the defensive line is the strength of your defense, not your secondary.....Carolina had average coverage, but they're line caused all the confusion for the corners and such to make plays.. same thing goes for New Englands' front 7...

on the flip side... look at the Eagles.. they had Vincent,Taylor,and Brian Dawkins.. 3 pro-bowlers in the secondary.. but their defensive line was so weak , they got run all over ... and couldn't muster any pass rush to help 'em out...

Gamble may turn out to be great.... but that's just one guy.. if we get 2 studs to play on the defensive line... our entire 11 will look great !

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if we get 2 studs to play on the defensive line... our entire 11 will look great !

I've been sayin' this all along! Just because passes are completed down field against you isn't always the secondarys fault!! Jesus Christ!! If the opposing QB has ALL MOTHER PHUCKING DAY to find an open man...he will. Hell, any of us could.

The Bengals were definitely weaker on the defensive line (both run and pass) than the defensive backfield was by far!! They were flat pathetic! No pressure on the QB WHATSOEVER!! Especially on third freakin' down!!

I'm so sick of hearing about "shutdown corners" when with a steady consistent pressure from our line, anybody, including even Hawkins could have been a "shutdown" kind of guy!

chrishcovga is right about the Panthers and Patriots secondary! Why!?! For the reasons I just ranted about!!

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