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Don't like Denver on the Road


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I think it is really important to get home field against Denver. They are 2 different teams away and home. The Chiefs game is going to be tough. They are 13-0 at home in December. Anyone have ultr-confidence going into Denver?

Just like the Chiefs have a great record in December. However, we play the Chiefs in January (1/1) and would play Denver in January too if we met in the playoffs. I agree that a home game vs. Denver would be better than going there.

The X-factor is the 2 QBs. I will take Palmer over Jakey everytime.

For what it's worth here is the Bengals results in January since the 1990 season.

01/02/05 W at Philly 38-10

01/06/01 W at Tennessee 23-21

01/02/99 L at Jax 24-7

01/02/93 L at NO 20-13

01/13/91 L at Oakland 20-10 (playoff game)

01/06/91 W at home vs, Houston 41-14 (playoff game)

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I actually think that Denver sets up fairly well for us. We can load up on the run and make Jake beat us in the air. We will then swoop in with a little ball hawking and burn them with a nice turnover margin. Same as the Steeler game, bend but don't break on D. Our offense won't be stopped by anyone, anywhere . . .

The Chargers and Chiefs are the ones who scare me, really scare me. The Chiefs will probably take care of themselves (their schedule is too tough), but the Chargers are making a run.

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Yeah, but you know Marty ball come playoff time. Here is what gives me hope.

Jakee Plummer's mistakes


Manning's Big game choking's

Chiefs Defense

No Leftwich for the Jags, and they would have to play in the cold

New Englands decimated defense, and getting to beat on Dillon at Cincy

The Bengals problem is obviously the defense, but they have playmakers.

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Denver has the biggest homefield advantage in all of football. Their record at home over the years proves this to be true. They are the only team that practices at that altitude... so it is an advantage over every team they play.

If they play at Cincy, we win... but if it is at Denver, I'd be concerned.

This is why we need to win out!

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I still say Plummer is a choker. I would like to see the Pat's knock out the Colt's and the Bengals take out the Broncos. If the Bengals get the #3 seed I still say they beat whoever. I don't care if it's the Steelers, Chiefs, or Chargers! 1st rnd we're winning.

If the Bengals play in Denver, I want to see Deltha get 4 picks and run two of them back for TDs, while waving a finger in the air to Mike Shannahan! :)

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I think we'd beat the Broncos at home or on the road. They've been overrated all year long in my opinion. As long as Jake Plummer is their quarterback, the opposition always has a chance, especially in the playoffs.

Denver beat SD, KC, Jax, Wash, NE, Dal... a considerably tougher schedule than we have faced. I would hesitate to call them over-rated... they just happen to have the best home-field advantage in the NFL. The main reason I don't want to have to go to Mile High. We'll beat them in our house... but I have my doubts if we're playing there.

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Watching the Bengals beat the Broncos on MNF last year on tv, with a handful of obnoxious Bronco fans...un-freakin'-believeable!

Watching the Bengals beat the Broncos in the playoffs at Invesco (rockin' my Deltha jersey) with tens of thousands of obnoxious Bronco fans...well, my brain would overload and I'd probably die. That would just be too much for my often abused brain cells to handle. But at least I'd die laughing!

There is a slim chance (through a season-ticket holding friend) that I'll be able to get a ticket if it happens.

So while my head says we'd be much better off playing them at PBS, my heart says BRING THAT BENGAL TRAIN TO THE MILE HIGH CITY!!

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