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Pro Bowl Standings


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Chad Johnson, Deltha O'Neal and Shayne Graham continue to lead all AFC vote-getters at wide receiver, cornerback and kicker, respectively, in balloting for the 2006 Pro Bowl, the NFL.

Johnson and quarterback Carson Palmer are also among the Top 10 overall vote-getters, with Johnson standing fourth and Palmer sixth in votes cast on NFL.com, in stadiums and via the Sprint wireless service.

I think we'll get atleast 5-6 Bengals in Hawaii this year!

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carson, chad, willie, and deltha are locks. and just cuz shayne is winning the fan vote doesnt mean he'll make it. tynes is leading him statistically in almost every ST's category. coaches and players make up the other 2/3 of the vote. hopefully he'll make it though.

as for the rest...mb some alternates. odell, torey, tj, rudi.

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I think Levi Jones should get some consideration too. No one has mangaged to shutdown Dwight Freeny all year, but Mr. Jones did.

Um If I'm not mistaken he was shut out a week or 2 before,but all the same levi should go

IMO this order

1.)Chad Johnson

2.)Carson Palmer





7.)TJ (((I hope he can but doubt it :()))

8.)Odell ;) he's a stud

9.) my homer pick justin smith ;)

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True Big thing, Braham is way underrated when he leaves that going to hurt.

I don't think it will hurt as bad as you think. Ghuiacuc and Wilkerson will be ready to pick up the slack by the time Richie retires. Of course both he and Willie might just retire after this season when we win the Super Bowl!

Spain is on Braham's jock. He loves the guy. I think he would father Braham's children given the chance.

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