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Super Bowl


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The no huddle O is back , this O has taken it to a next level. This could be the thing that puts us over the top on O. That was their first try! Ican understand why CJ is pumped. These guys are peaking at the right time. The last three games they have had over 35 points. With this new wrinkle to our O their is no team in the leauge that cover them. Quite simply its become pitch and catch for Palmer and the boys. the NFL hasnt seen an O with this potential since the glory days in Dallas. This team will put 40 points up every game.(ask chad). Ok The d sucks but getting better it doesnt matter the O will out score you. Any D stop is apreaciated but doesnt really matter.

In this new look O, reggie Kelley played H back and added a new dimension to this O. Thats all Palmer was lacking was a ptotection blanket dump out for short yards. The guy did a great job lead blocking. He made JJ look slow. With the type of blocking the power O will open up that running game. JJ was always the weak link.

s**t Palmer was calling his own plays. They have great communication Palmer and his WRs they know whose open and when. It trully was impressive last week. OH but wait they are staying with it. We are simple the best team in the leauge at this point. With that said Im on the superbowl wagon. No one can beat us playing like this.

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No s**t I just broke down the film, these boys are playing Pitch and catch. Chad got a miss match he told Palmer he was good. Long pass later. They where laughing. This O has comuncation with the Best QB in the leauge. It all astarted when Chad ans çd Palmer went to go watch the Indy game.

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