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OL Free Agents


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I read that four are free agents. Braham may retire. I assume Levi or Willie will resign, then the other will get tagged. So they will be back. I also assume there is cap to get Eric. Williams is a wild card. The center position has a couple of backups that can fill in if Braham leaves.

Just wondering everyones thoughts on what might happen this offseason to one of the best of the NFL's OL's. I may be off.

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Levi has really stepped up big time since the last Pittsburgh game (along with the rest of the O-line - but he has been sensational). I think one of the great things has been Rudi. Did anyone see how pumped he was when Rudi gave him the ball to spike in the Baltimore game? I think Levi felt a little challenged and used that to motivate himself, especially in the Indy game. Now that's he's consistently stoned the best the league has to offer, it seems like he's found his own new source of motivation and I think we can officially say that it will stick and so should he in Cincy. Mad props to the way he's stepped up (along with a lot of others on this team recently).

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