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Random Palmer stats


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NFL 1st half QB passer rating:

Carson Palmer - 115.2

Ben Roethlisberger - 114.0

Jake Plummer - 108.4

Drew Brees - 104.5

Peyton Manning - 98.0

NFL 2nd half QB passer rating:

Peyton Manning - 113.2

Carson Palmer - 98.0

Trent Green - 97.4

Marc Bulger - 95.7

Drew Bledsoe - 94.9

4th Quarter QB passer rating:

Peyton Manning - 121.8

Jake Delhomme - 107.4

Kurt Warner - 100.3

Trent Green 98.7

Eli Manning 98.4

Carson Palmer 97.8

Kerry Collins 91.8

Tom Brady 84.0

QB rating with 4-wr sets:

Carson Palmer 118.0

Donovan McNabb 95.4

(everyone else below 90.0)

Palmer’s rating at home: 98.7

Palmer’s rating away: 119.2 (best in NFL)

Passing yards lost to penalties: 221 (worst in NFL)

Leaders in big play passes (25 yards or more)

1. Tom Brady - 25

t2. Carson Palmer - 23

t2. Jake Delhomme - 23

AFC Leaders in % Passes Comp, Late & Close

1. Carson Palmer - 81.3% (26/32)

TD passes in 1st half: 13 (best in NFL)

TD passes in 2nd half: 10 (tied for NFL best with Manning and Brady)

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I can add one more. Prior to the Raven game I stumbled across a talking point attempting to document how catchable Palmer's passes are. The incredible completion percentage was noted, as was the fact that Bengal receivers had been charged with the fewest dropped passes (8) in the NFL. The Colts were next with (9). Most teams fell in the mid-teens and the worst team had 26 or 27.

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yep, basically Palmer is Peyton Manning. :)

That 4th qtr rating is no doubt due to the last 2 INT's he's thrown late in the games I believe, as well as his 98 Rating the 2nd half.

Sad how a guy with only 5-6 INt's all year long gets dinged so hard when he's thrown 23 TD passes and completed almost 70% of them.

Manning has his INT fits also, it just happens, and always will.

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