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Bengals fans wear Terrible Bibs to game


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Simple. Buy a towel (I've never purchased one of course, but I do know that much of the proceeds go to charity), rip it in half, share with a friend, and each wear half as a bib to the game. I would absolutely love seeing all these Bengals fans in the stands of Heinz Field wearing their Terrible Bibs.

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Ah, my wife (born and raised in Pittsburgh) is now helping with the ideas as well. She's coming around. I was telling her about the Terrible Bibs ... and then she referred to them as Tear-a-bib Towels. Nice. Did I mention I hate the Steelers?

Go Bengals!

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Hey Duus... last Steelers game you were on here all the time telling us all the stuff you heard on the radio in Pittsburgh. Are they so depressed that they're talking hockey, or what? Enquiring minds want to know.

Yes, mod has pinned it. Name is 'Pittsburgh - The Inside Scoop, Part II'

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