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It all comes back to Pittsburgh


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Can we beat a good team? That will be the question until the Steeler game. That game is huge. The Steelers will lose to the Colts next Monday night. We have to root for the Colt's because the Bengals have no shot at the #1 seed. #2 seed is very possible if the Bengals win the division. The Broncos have a very tough schedule, but it won't mean anything unless we beat the Steelers. Are our boys up to it?

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Let's concentrate on the rats before we overlook them and get owned like Pitt did.

I hear you... but excuse me for not being afraid. Baltimore almost beat the Steelers @Pittsburgh last monday night... and then we owned them the next Sunday. Marvin will get this team ready to bounce back after the loss... but this loss may have given us more confidence... not less.

We should destroy Baltimore in Cincy... so I'm looking ahead to Pittsburgh. As a fan, I'm allowed.

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We are actually in better shape in reference to the Steelers than we were before the loss. Now both of us have a loss in the division. We are now officially tied for first. Now we just have to beat them to take first place outright (which I believe we will).

Officially the Steelers are in first by virtue of their win over the Bengals by 14 points..

If the Bengals beat the Steelers by less than 14 and their records are the same both in league and division I think the Steelers have the edge due to point differential.. Not so?

It may be conference record after division record ...can someone clarify this?

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