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Kyle Orton


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Let me just say I've missed this place. I've always been more of a lurker than poster but I want to get back to posting more about FOOTBALL.

I'm interested to hear peoples views on the QB situation in Chicago. I really thought it was simple - stick with the rookie. I liked him in college and I thought he was a great pickup by Chicago for a 4th rounder. He's also certainly coming along during his NFL career and winning games. Albeit not by pretty performances (even discounting the incredibly windy SF game) but he's getting that important W. The press in Chicago are questioning whether Rex Grossman should get his job back when he returns from injury.

So, if Grossman is healthy at any stage this season:

Who would you put in as QB of the bears for your best chance of winning the weak NFC North?

Who is the best long term fit for the Bears?

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I would stick with Kyle Orton. He has looked to have the poise and mechanics neccessary to have success in this league. Grossman has had these traits as well, btu he has proven to be injury prone, and has struggle with his accuracy even when healthy. It is hard to say which of the two is the better option for the Bears, and we'll know for sure by the middle of next season.

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6-3, first place in the NFC North.

This isn't the Harrington/Garcia debate, where one is in danger of being benched because of struggling on the field...Orton has proven that he can be a good QB in the NFL, and maybe a great one after a season or two to learn what he doesn't know yet. Grossman would just get hurt again, and then they would have shown Orton that even when he is winning they don't have the confidence in him as a starter, and why go to those lengths to alienate the guy who looks to be the first real mainstay at QB in Chicago since Harbaugh?

Orton is the obvious choice.

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Should not be of a debate considering Rex is out all year. Chicago foolish to keep holding faith onto Rex- injured more games than he has ever played.

What are you talking about? Rex is likely to be activated this week.

Well if I put a poll for this question it sounds like the answer would be unanimous. Keep Orton in there. Good because I thought I was going crazy when I heard Rex may get his job back when healthy. I'm glad others agree with me.

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