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Can Cleveland give us a little help?????


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On Sunday night I will be glued to the TV watching the Clowns vs Squeelers game. even though its the Browns I still hope that they could beat the Steelers, especially with Roethlisberger out.

Lets go Cle... Lets go Cleev...Clevel...Cle....oh god I cant say it. Lets go you f**kin mistakes by the lake!!!!!!!

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It's time to decide now to root for the Colts when they play at home against the Steelers later in the year. Does anyone recall back in the 70's when Cincinnati had a slim lead over the Steelers and were to play the to be 13-1 and superbowl champion Oakland Raiders, the Pitt media had a field day saying the Raiders would take the game off and mail it in. thus challenged, the Raiders played their bestgame of the year, beating the Bengals 35-20, and handing the division to the Steelers (who lost against the Radiers in the playoffs 27-7).

I say it's time for a little payback. If the Dolts will still be in command of their division even if they lose two games by that time. It's time to generate a little national media to goad the Colts into playing their best against the Steelers that game.

So if you want to root for a team to beat the Steelers that's the one I'd pick.

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