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Kirwan gives Bengal Front Office props!


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WOW!!!!!!!!!! Talk about something you never thought you would see! I think it all goes back to Marvin....

5. Katie Blackburn and Duke Tobin of the Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis came to Cincinnati and changed the culture of the organization. He couldn't do it alone, and some credit belongs to Blackburn and Tobin, who scout and sign the players. Rarely do we hear of contract problems since Marvin has arrived in Bengals country. Katie heads up the negotiations, and now players are under contracts that are part of a winning mentality.

The 2005 Bengals are loaded with talent and last spring's draft was no exception. Duke Tobin heads up a personnel department that has had a few impressive drafts in a row, and 2005 may be the best yet. David Pollack, Odell Thurman and Chris Henry are all significant contributors to the AFC North first-place Bengals. Thurman and Pollack already have 64 tackles and two sacks between them, and Henry has grabbed 19 receptions.

The Bengals are all signed for years to come, and as a team they are young. It's been a long time since the front office in Cincinnati has been recognized for the achievements of the club, but the time has come to look inside the front office and let people know what a good job they are doing with the team.



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I agree with that as well, about getting their props...Didn't mean to slight the others...Katie has done a great job with contracts, especially getting Henry for 5 years....

And Kirwan knows his stuff....he used to be a good front office guy in his own right....

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