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Pete Rose Jr.


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If I get the story right, Pete Jr. was dealing in Chattanooga in the late 90's and early '00s. I think there were some guys named Dunn, Pena and Kearns on those teams during that time period.

Hmmmmmm. :unsure: I wonder how long before Petey fesses up a list with some current major leaguers?

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Ahhhh, I remember playing Oak Hills back in 1987. Remember old Petey Jr. rolling up behind the team bus in his Black Porsche Carrera.

He was quite the jackass....

Still is... :lol:

When you think gambling and steriods you think of two cities.

1. Chicago (Black sox and Sosa).

2. Cincinnati (Rose and Rose).

Isn't that nice? :cry:

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All I can remember from the 1987 Oak Hills-Amelia baseball titanic struggle (yes I went to Amelia!) is Petey Jr playing 3rd base...and every time there were two outs he would yell,"That's two in the wagon, one a draggin'".....

Petey Jr. = a@@-monkey!!!!!!!!!!

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