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Ray Lewis Sucks


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Y'know, I was thinking earlier today that we might -- might, we're talking longshot here -- get some help from balti next Sunday. After all, their last hope off the playoffs is pretty much to dominate the division, thereby lifting themselves and hurting the competition at the same time...then I read this...(baltimore sun)

Still winless on the road and in serious danger of falling out of playoff contention, the last-place Baltimore Ravens will likely be without linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night.

Reed missed Sunday's 10-6 loss to the Chicago Bears with a high ankle sprain, and Lewis left in the fourth quarter with a hamstring injury.

Mudderpucker. One time I'd have been happy to see that jacka** play... <_<

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I dunno. Don't be surprised if Bart Scott makes the Ratbird fans start to kinda forget about Ray-Ray.

It'll be interesting to see if Scott goes middle or weakside vs. Steelers but regardless of where he is, Scott is ready to take his place and show the Baltimore Mafia why it may be time to show him the money instead.

I seriously doubt the Steelers run w/ the success they had vs. Bengals, not that that would be all that hard to doubt. As such, Big Ben should be forced to put at least some of the game square on his shoulders, which will in turn help Adalius Thomas and Terrell Suggs frequently put Big Ben on his a$$.

Still, it's hard to imagine that the Steelers will lose this one. After watching the Bears beat the Ratbirds, it's pretty clear that Brian Billick is more of an offensive genius than ever before. :sure:

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