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Couple of top-tens from Lance's site


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Here is a response from Bengals fan Ed T.

Top things on Steelers fans minds this weekend

10. Where are all the steelers fans?

9. This game reminds me of the Patriots playoff game last year.

8. Wow, Ben can sure throw a lot of interceptions.

7. Does Chad Johnson have a 4th touchdown dance planned today?

6. Man, is it going to be long ride home.

5. Is it too late to sell my tickets to the Bengals/Steelers game in Pittsburg?

4. I wish Plexico was here.

3. Can we get a better defensive coordinator than a Cincinnati reject?

2. Three losses and it's not half way yet.

1. If I go to the bathroom, will I still hear WHO-DEY?


From listener DeAngelo

10.Ah crap ! is Hines crying again?

9. Is that the Bus or meals on Wheels

8. Is it Too late to get a Chad Johnson Fathead poster

7. Uh, maybe Sportscenter didn't get that --signed Ike Taylor

6. Man I wish we had Louis Lipps

5. Is that Big Ben or Bubby Brister

4. Hey Ben try throwing it to someone in yellow and black

3. Rudi,Rudi,Rudi; uh I mean let's go defense

2. Chad sure is a good dancer

1. Say it don't spray it coach Cowher


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