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E-mail from My CBS Affiliate


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I'm in Milwaukee and wrote to my local CBS Station asking why they were not showing the Steelers/Bengals game. Here is their response......

Let me address this as much as I can.

Every week there is an NFL double header. The doubleheader rotates between Fox and CBS. Here in Milwaukee, we do not control the weeks we get a doubleheader, it is a part of the NFL contract.

On weeks we get a doubleheader, if the Packers play on Sunday, we will be also running a football game.

On the weeks when we only get one game, we run the game in the time slot where there is no Packer game, even though on those weeks Fox has the double header.

Fox has the NFC, we have the AFC. In the event of an AFC/NFC matchup, if the home team is the NFC and the away team is the AFC, then that game would be on CBS. IF the home team is the AFC and the away team is the NFC, then that game would be on Fox. This November, the Steelers play the Packers. In this case, it is an AFC team playing at an NFC site, so we would get the game.

CBS assigns us games by regional coverage. The decisions on what games they give us are made 2 weeks before the actual broadcast. As the season contiunues, it becomes much easier to see which teams have the playoff implications. It was very difficult to do that 2 weeks ago when the decisions for this weekends regional assignments were made by CBS.

For us to change a game (and we are past the deadline to do so), we have to give CBS a compelling reason for our market.


Dale Palecek

Promotion Manager

CBS 58

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Hey, the bye weeks in Cincinnati suck two fold.

1. Bengals don't play

2. Browns are on TV. Yeap, eating deviled eggs gives me the runs, but not as bad as watching that crap on TV.

So a little sympathy here too fellas.

Not this year, pal. On the Bengals bye week it's Steelers v. Browns. So you win either way!

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