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Leaving the competition in flames


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I am taking an unusual and some might think sick pleasure in leaving other teams and their fans in flames. I check out the opposing teams' message boards in the week prior to the game to see what kind of $hit they are talking. The Bears fans were the most full of $hit. Does a Bear $hit in the woods? No, but they laid one down on the field against the Bengals. The next week after the loss, they were a bunch of whining bear cubbies, blaming every one in sight. In flames.

Check out Titans after the game. They are feeling the pain we have felt so many times before.

It's just extra cathartic to see them in pain. It does increase my joy. Is this wrong?

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I'm enjoying it as mich as the next guy, but let me warn everyone to not act that way. It seems to me that most other teams fans are major a**h***s, and I mean major, and I think that we have some of the most respectful(just because we couldn't talk s**t for 15 years) fans out there right now. Don't turn into what we hate right now

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