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Proof NHL Will Go Away, Sadly.


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Associated Press

NEW YORK -- The NHL's 30 teams lost a combined $273 million during the 2002-03 season, according to a report issued on behalf of the league Thursday.

The report said 19 of the 30 teams had operating losses last season. In addition, the league said it spent 75 percent of its revenue on player costs, according to the report by former Securities and Exchange commission chairman Arthur Levitt.

The report said the league generated $1.99 billion in revenue last season.

The league is preparing for bargaining with the NHL Players' Association on a labor contract to replace one that expires Sept. 15

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As much as I hate hockey, I don't see it's faithful fan base allowing that. My friends who are hockey fans are mostly from the northeastern U.S., and they eat, drink, and breathe hockey!

There will have to be change, and I see most of that coming out of the overpaid players pockets. probably more than a few teams will go bye bye! Why Phoenix has the coyotes out here in Arizona is beyond me. (I know my bud Boobie down in Phoenix goes to the games occasionally, but he's the only one I know here that does. :)

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