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Pro Bowl

The Big Orange

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The guys, by my count, who have made it at least once are...






Guys who will make it this year...





Odell doesn't make it, but he does become Rookie of the Year

Carson is MVP or MVP runner up...McNabb is probably MVP


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Palmer gets in for sure.

Chad too.

Deltha needs to keep getting INT's, but that sounds reasonable.

I think Madieu would have, and still might, depending on his injury.

Rudi... probably not. It's hard to know on the O-line, because no one ever talks about them, so I don't know how other guys have been doing.

I think Thurman will get some consideration... but if he has any more games like he did against jacksonville (rookie type games) he won't.

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Oh, and I forgot Graham...I think he may get in


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carson, larson, dealtha...justin smith is my darkhorse, b/c i think there'll be sacks-a-plenty comin up throughout this season...he looks great!

i leave chad off the list, b/c he is QUICKLY becoming a prima donna, t.o.-wanna be in the eyes of the nation. he was the media darling for a few weeks, but he's acted like an ass and people are turnin on him real quick.

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Chad Johnson will make it to the Pro Bowl again.

Willie Anderson will make it again.

Deltha O'Neal and Tory James will return.

Dark Horses: Ratliff as the special teams player

REALLY REALLY Dark Horse: Kyle Larson - only if he makes a lot more 60+ yard punts and cuts out the blocks!

So you think both corners will return and Larson has a shot but Palmer will not make it???

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Willie will not make it this year...his back is bad, and defenders are blowing past him.

Steinbach is a long shot...he's in the top ten, but I don't think they will look at him.

Deltha will make it, but he doesn't deserve to. He gets interceptions, but he cannot cover a guy 1-1, as demonstrated in the Jacksonville game.

Tory won't make it, he's a risk-taker who's often wrong.

Madieu will make it if he can make up for the games he missed, he's going to be Pro-Bowl caliber next year.

Carson, no doubt.

Chad, no doubt. People will vote for him simply becuase he produces, even if he does run his mouth off too much.

Rudi, no, we're throwing the ball a lot this year. We ran it so much last year becuase Carson was learning, and Rudi had no choice but piling up yards.

Don't think I forgot anyone...

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