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Beast wars for week 5


Which animal would win?  

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  1. 1. Bengal tiger vs jaguar

    • tiger
    • jaguar

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jag doesn't have on a tiger really so acourse tiger :P

Tiger preatty much > everyother beast

Say What?

You're turning into the 2nd coming of Spain.

I have hard time reading what you type.

Anyway, I think the Bengal would get the Jaguar.

If I'm not mistaken, Jaguars are smaller in stature than a Tiger.

All things being equal, since they are both large attack cats, the Tiger wins this one handily.

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A Bengal Tiger out weighs a Jaguar 2 - 1, so NORMALLY it would be a bengal Tiger. HOWEVER, a Jaguar is a nocturnal hunter, so fighting at night would be somewhat of an equalizer . . . I think the Bengal wins it at the end based on brute strength.

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