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Incredibly funny story

Humanzee 5000

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This MAY beat my recent Marvin Lewis story.

So last week, my bro and I went to Willie's in Covington for the cajun chicken sandwich. On our way out, I saw this dope ass light blue hummer. I love the show pimp my ride, it's given me a new respect for customized cars. So I had to get a closer look. Didn't look in the interior not wanting to be rude. I noticed it had a West Coast Customs liscense plate on the back. It has since just been a cool little memory until tonight.

So I'm watching pimp my ride, and I was thinking of some of the old cars that I loved so I went to West Coast Customs.com. I'm navigating around for about ten minutes. Then I come to the official WCC showroom. Low and behold, there is THE light blue Hummer H2, the first car listed in their showroom.

I'll let everyone else figure out the rest.

Man, now I wish I would have walked back inside.


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Great story. I think Chad should have went with another color.

I would have went with orange before I went with purple.

I saw a story on Chad the other day and he was driving what looked like a rental.

I think it was a white Lumina and they asked him why he was in that car and he

said that all of his cool cars were "back home" where he lives. I guess that he does not live in Cincy.

I remember a story on him a few years ago that had him in a purple with pink old Chevy.

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