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Point differential off the charts!


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Last year the 4 best teams in the NFL (NE, IND, PIT, PHI) predictably had the highest point differentials in the league.

New England led the league winning games by an average of 11.1 points.

Indianapolis was 2nd winning by 10.7 points/game

Pittsburgh was 3rd winning by 7.5 points/game

Philadelphia finished 4th with a 7.4 point average margin of victory.

This stat is important because it requires either being incredibly dominant on one side of the ball, or (more likely) being dominant on both sides of the ball, resulting in having a larger margin of victory.

With the season only a 4th of the way done, the numbers will be skewed, but you can make a decent argument that your average margin of victory displays a lot about the type of team you are (since the 4 best teams last year finsihed in the top 4 in this stat).

I looked up the top 5 this season, and found this:

5th place goes to the Chargers winning by an average of 9.8 points/game.

4th place the Eagles with a differential of 11

3rd place is the Colts winning by an average of 13

2nd place, the Steelers winning by 14.7 points/game

1st place goes to our Bengals winning by an outrageous 16.5 points/game

Obviously these numbers will change drastically after a couple losses, but so far this season, no other team has shown dominance on each side of the ball the way the Bengals have. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Just a random stat that made me happy, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

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