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Opening Line on Jags Game

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I think the bengals D comes out and lights up Leftwich, a low % passer.

Pollack, Smith and Geathers will be putting on major pressure. Bres has the D firing, 7 sacks by 7 diff players. Stopping Taylor will be a big concern but once we shut down the pass, what they gonna do???

I like how Rudi and Perry match up against the Jag D, who've been giving up an ever increasing amount of yrds in their last 3 games (188 v the Broncos) Only ? is how quick Chipmunk can get up to speed at Center. Since we know CJ will be doubled and tripled, TJ and Henry will see more balls their way.

Final...Cincy 27 - Jax 16

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The Jags O-Line has been terrible this year. Leftwich is excellent at getting the ball out when pressure comes, and he's still been sacked 13 times this year. We should be able to get a decent amount of pressure on him.

Unfortunately, QB's that are used to getting a lot of pressure (i.e. David Carr) apparently know when not to throw the ball, and don't throw a ton of INT's. Leftwich has only thrown 3 INT's this year, so I wouldn't expect a lot of turnovers this week.

This week will be the big test about what kind of rushing defense we have though. Fred Taylor has also suffered because of the poor Offensive Line. The Jags are averaging less than 100 rushing yards/game, and only 3.5 ypc.

If Taylor is able to get a few big runs on us, I'll be a bit more concerned about it as a problem. But at this point I don't expect that. I imagine we will stop Taylor from getting any type of rythmn, and with their weak O-Line, we will be able to force Leftwich to throw the ball earlier than he wants to. Leftwich doesn't have the mobility Carr has, so that aspect that hurt us this week should be absent.

This might be another win we can give credit to the defense on, and I'll be pretty happy if that's the case.

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