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Bengals Back on British TV


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Hope you enjoyed last nights game vs the Texans. Cincy offence never lived up to the pre-match hype, but we'd have taken a win before kick-off and that's what we got.

Anyway, Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati on Oct 23rd on Sky Sports.


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I think there was much expectation for the explosiveness of the offence to rattle up the points. The long bomb from Carson to Chad, and Rudi running at will lead to them scoring 27, 37 & 24 points in the previous, (and supposedly tougher) games. I felt the presenters were expecting an easy stroll and a glut of points for Cincy, which never really happened against Houston.

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Yeah but there's a couple things to remember about our coverage on sky sports:

1- Nick Halling is a total asshat who knows absolutely nothing about american football. His statement last night about the bengals D highlighted the degree of stupidity he possess. (He said "Without those turnovers, which are just luck, the Bengals defense is nothing special." I would suggest that turnovers are not just luck, and are exactly what make a D special.

2- I do like the fact that sky are flexible and adjust the scheduling according to what looks like an exciting matchup. Having said that, the Jets-Ravens game was dull as dishwater.

As for the Queen's City's finest.. I am reminded of Alan Hansen commenting on Manchester United a couple of years back when he said "If you can play that badly and win, you're going to be in with a shout at the end of the season."

14 penalties is bad, and there appears to be a worrying trend developing. Maybe if Moore and Braham hadn't both been hurt there would have been less false starts, but that's not to take anything away from Steinbach and Kooistra, who were both immense. Steinbach showed some real balls to step up and play center. And the quiet, unassuming way he did it too - when you saw him take his gloves off and start practicing the snap with no fuss - that was an MVP performance in terms of attitude and team spirit.

But the Bengals D ground out a tough result last night and, sat there in the pub with my team mates, I was proud. Even my Pittsburgh Squealer-supporting friend was impressed, and we have booked our seats on the sofa by the big screen for week seven.

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