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TEAM Bengals


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So, watching the game from afar (on the internet), I became very frustrated as the game wore on. Happy? Of course ... it's a W and our Bengals are 4-0! But, it was the Texans!

Well, then I realized what occurred on this O-line through-out the game. Incredible. And then I listen to the post-game interviews by both Palmer and Lewis. Both individually took complete blame for Levi's false start toward the end of the game. Add to that how TJ became the go-to guy while the doubled CJ. On and on and on.

This team is becoming a TEAM. They are learning how to win in every way. New players are making plays every week. Players are playing out of position and doing a great job of it. What other TEAM of the last few years do those qualities remind you of? Hmmmm.

One step closer on the road to Detroit.

Go Bengals!

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I think we've seen a lot of Belichickian things happening lately. The offense was introduced as a team against the Vikings, and I think we've seen some similar defensive looks too. We rarely rush with more than the defensive line and confuse quarterbacks with goofy coverage in the secondary, etc...

Good stuff!

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