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Texans Bengals Game Thread


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GRR!! They've got paid programming on instead of the game! Uhg! The one time I get stuck near Cleveland, and they don't have the game on. I'm stuck watching Tampa. Grrrr....

There's a SCRABBLE tournament on, but I can't watch my Bengals. *sniffle* Life isn't fair..

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Rudi for a gain for a gain of 6...3 carries, 16 yds

Housh another catch for 7 yds ...

3rd and 2...Chad catches with Faggins all over him for a gain of 8 FIRST DOWN

Palmer threw a bullet and Chad snatched it

Rudi for a gain of 4...

Perry comes in for a loss of about 3.. But personal foul on former UC star Antwan Peek gives us a first down..

Chad first down for a gain of 13 yds

Incomplete pass to a open Chris Perry...2nd and goal

Rudi up the gut for a gain or 2 yds..

3rd and Goal

5 WR... TD to Housh..but called back because Rudi is lined wrong

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