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this afternoon's game

UK Bengal

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Sadly i wont be will you tonight to post the quick YES CHADDD TD or RUDIRUDIRUDI as im going to be sitting comfortably watching it live on UK satalite 1st game on wont be the last if we keep up the play like we are doing.

so enjoy yourselves tonight i hopefully will :bengal:

heres to all of you have a cold one on me :cheers:

ps think im excited or what :)

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Damn Im jealous, however you get sportsmania in the Uk? They play all nationally televised games. Canal plus has good coverage also. I just had my boxed pirated and they are going to give it out free here(new law) 150 euros in the head! bloody wankers. I wish we could get a proper game day in the EU. Sports center in the states is boss.

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have locked the family out so i can watch in peace!!



:o And I thought that was only an American tradition! :sure: Hey, I guess a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do, no matter where the man has gotta do it at!

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