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Three and Out


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On CBS Sportsline...

Three and out with ...

Cincinnati linebacker Brian Simmons

Q: Is this year about improvements in the Bengals' defense?

Simmons: "It's not offense or defense. You can look at it, and say, 'Somebody did something last year,' but that doesn't matter this year. Last year our offense ranked 18th, and we were ranked 19th. So sometimes perception is reality. We both have to get better -- and special teams have to get better -- if we want to be a top team. At the end of the year, if you're sitting home it doesn't matter what the offense or defense or special teams are ranked. We want to get to the playoffs."

Q: What difference does Chuck Bresnahan make as your defensive coordinator?

Simmons: "He simplified some things, but we have to execute. And therein will determine how well we play. The defense is put together well on paper, but the players have to go out there and apply it."

Q: Are you encouraged by the results?

Simmons: "We know we can play, but the thing is we have to do it on a consistent level -- play in and play out, day in and day out. We know we can do it; the question is: Can we do it every night? We're not worried about what people are saying we can or can't do. We're just concentrating on things that we need to get done, and that's where we are right now."

Damn, Marvin has these guys so much in a coaches mindset it is great. Nothing drives a team better than not believing they are great. The media has been nice, but Marvin has these guys believing it means nothing, and we all know it. I really like Marvin more and more. Not from his X's and O's, but how he got this team in the right mindset. X's and O's are great, but in the NFL the mindset is key. He really has these guys believing, as a team, that they can be great but are not there yet. What a great job!

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Nice post Scott. I like Simmons's comments on playing well consistently. That is what it's all about. If the defense slows its pace this year, then it won't be much better than last year, and that will hurt down the stretch or in the playoffs. Marvin knows it, and in turn the players know it. Good stuff.

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