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this was on the nfldraftblitz forum

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this guy was doing all the fa and draft moves for every team i think it did a decent job

17. Cincinnati Bengals 8-8: Team Needs: DE, LB, DT, CB, RB, OG, WR: Under Coach Marvin Lewis the Bengals had a great draft with picks of Palmer, Steinbach, Weathersby, Washington and J. Johnson. Coach Lewis saw what a LB like Ray Lewis can do and hopes he gets a clone in D.J. Williams, LB, Miami 6-2, 245 Special athlete Speed: 4.55/40 a weakside backer at Miami-Fl, but could move inside. Great size/speed/strength numbers. Very durable player. A D-linemen to work with DE Justin Smith is aquired with the #49 pick of DeMarco McNeil, DT, Auburn 6-1, 300 Quick inside defender has been a force since his freshman season. The Secondary has held it’s own but upgrade is needed and found via FA with CB Ahmad Plummer from the 49ers. Corey Dillon is sent packing to the Cardinals for a 3rd round pick. Resign RB Rudi Johnson, RB Brandon Bennett, WR TJ Housmandzadeh, TE Tony Stewart, OG Victor Leyva, OG Matt O'Dwyer, DT Glen Steele, LB Riall Johnson, CB Reggie Myles, S Mark Roman. Release QB Shane Matthews, OC Rich Braham, OG Mike Goff, S Rogers Beckett.

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That guy that wrote that article is a moron. We're not in a position to let Goff, Braham , and O'dwyer go ,Nor Beckett considering we could end up losing both Roman and Beckett...??

I wish these guys would actually do a little research on the team stories before their editor tells them what team to do a story on.I'm so sorry he's not a Bengals fan,and had to do the story , because it's his job, but if you're going to talk about who we should get rid of, then at least put in the information of who we "might " go after or consider in the draft and FA.

I'm not a scout, but i take the time to go through just about every 32 teams sites to get information everytime a Bengal name is mentioned. If that guy can't do it , or doesn't do it well, then get a job as a f...king ice cream man.

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