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Chase #3 - Talla"FREAKIN"dega


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You guy's did hear why I picked Jimmie in the other thread didn't you? I guarantee you when the "Big One" happens, and it usually does, he'll get caught up in it for the dreaded DNF!

Oops. I should have said he'd CAUSE the Big One! Did I call it when I said he was a dick or what? Between Johnson and Newman I don't know who's the most out of control driver in the chase. Old Jimmie is in it again. It's hard not to like him though. Newman on the other hand... <_<

Congrats to the 88 team BTW.

*Edit* Okay, Newman newman16lb.jpg apologized about causing any wrecks and seemed sincere. Now if he'd walk up to Rusty with his hat in his hand and do the same, I might actually like him. <_<

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Updated stats. TonyFan made up a lot of ground while everyone else was affected by Big One, Big One part 2, Big One part 3, Big One part 4..............

TonyFan20 (Ryan Newman 185, Greg Biffle 129, Tony Stewart 180): 494

Kirkendall (Tony Stewart 180, Mark Martin 165, Jimmie Johnson 75): 420 -74

John Stofa (Tony Stewart 180, Kurt Busch 104, Jimmie Johnson 75): 359 -135

BillyBroome (Kurt Busch 58, Matt Kenseth 58, Jimmie Johnson 75): 191 -303

CBin2k7 (Jimmie Johnson 142, N/A, Greg Biffle 82): 104 -390

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