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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis talks about the play of his team during its 3-0 start.

  1. 1. How do you explain all the turnovers your defense has created (10 interceptions over last two games)? "If you tackle well and you tackle with your arms, and if you keep going after the football aggressively, good things will happen. When you play defensive back in this league, you've got to have the mentality that when the ball goes in the air, that's your football. Because both guys have every right to the football. We've just got to keep up with that attitude. "

  1. 2. What did you see in CB Deltha O'Neal that made you to decide to trade for him? "I saw good athletic skills and coverage ability. That's what you've got to have at corner. You've got to have the hips that go in and out of cuts and breaks, and the overall speed to go over the top to play the football in the air. We really felt like Deltha had all of those skills."

  1. 3. How do you break players of bad habits and coach them up to the level you want? "You've got to get through the adversity situations because you have a tendency to fall back into habits you're comfortable doing. When you get in times of adversity, whatever it may be, we've got to keep working through those things all the time and pointing them out. And getting them through those positions in practice, reinforcing and reminding them this is the way it has got to be."

  1. 4. Your team is now No. 2 in the NFL in scoring and points allowed. "That's what the key is, points allowed. That's where you win and lose games, and obviously scoring on offense and being efficient. And the other thing has got to be takeaways because you limit your exposure to have people make plays against you. You give your offense an opportunity to make plays against them."

  1. 5. Is your team writing the script of a fast start? "We're still writing the script. We had a good September, I'll say that. Now we're in October. Let's have a better October."

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