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I know its early, but I also know I'm not the only one thinking about this. We have to be on track to set some kind of turnover and INT record this year so I looked it up. Most INTs by a defense and turnovers by a defense are held by the same team. The 1961 Chargers. The records for INTs in a season is 49 and the most turnovers in a season by a defense is 66. It would be killer to break such an old record.

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At our current rate, we would have 85 takeaways by the end of the season. So lets assume a 25% slowdown. We STILL come close to busting that record wide open.

The interceptions could fall too. We have the #1 guy in the league in interceptions (Deltha O'Neal), the guy who was #2 in the league last year, and is already well on his way to doing it again (Tory James), a 3rd CB with 2 interceptions on the year already, and four other guys who have picked off at least one pass each, in just three games. If the defense keeps this up, by the end of the season, not only will we be in the playoffs, but people will not be talking about the Ravens as the defense to beat in the AFCN, but the Bengals.

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Best defense in the AFC North is probably still the Steelers until we prove ourselves against a huge offense. :ph34r:

You mean a huge offense like the Vikings? Yeah, we made them look like crap. But look what Culpepper did the week after playing us.

I'm not one to say that the Vikings offense was just so out of sinc and trashed that we dominated them for that reason, but still, there was obvious miscommunication and unusual struggles by Culpepper. As of right now, I'll give the Bengals the #2 mark as far as defense goes in the AFC North. If we can dominate Domanick Davis and Fred Taylor in the next two games, and get some more takeaways at even half this pace, then I'll give my boys the nod.

Either way, the Bengals are on the rise on both sides of the ball, while the Steelers decline on both sides. If we haven't already, then we will very soon pass them up in more than just the standings.

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