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Humanzee 5000

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Geezus, some of you guys.

Pick the stat that you want to complain about. We're 3-0 so you can't complain about or record, we have 16 takeawys, but you still find ways to complain about the d, our Quarterback has been seemingle unstoppable and our recievers are gellin' like magellin the fellon! want some mellon! So Our rushing game isn't ranked in the top 5. We played 2 badass D teams and the game that we didn't, Rudi was up for player of the week on some polls. What else ya got, Oh yeah, someone was complaining about Geathers, well, I watched my DVR and I didn't see them run at him much at all. It's like the CB who's name isn't mentioned much, it's usually cause he's doing the right job. Coaching, offense and defense are f**kin ruling right now.

Who wants to CELEBRATE with me without finding something to complain about?

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Well, since you asked...

I know the Chicago D is tough and the stats prove it:

2.4 avg/rush - Ouch!

2-14 3rd down conversion rate - Ugh!

11 first downs - dag

They say Defense wins chamionships. Ours seriously helped drive the point home today.

One more thing. I'm glad this game came early on. Chicago will get Orton going. He does have a good arm, had short times where he was effective. THis game comes around week 11 or 12 and it is a lot closer. As it was in week 3, Orton is a rook who played like one but the Chicago D was right there.

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