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Fassel joins the Ravens staff


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It seems that Jim Fassel has joined the Ravens staff to help with their offense...This could cause a bit of a problem especially if the Ravens offense continues to struggle...I can see Pillick...er, I mean Billick getting axed in favor of Fassel if they start to struggle badly...But really, I think it's kinda dumb, it's not schemes or plays they need, they need good WR's, that's their problem...their starting WR's would make most teams 3rd stringers....

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I think Billick is safe for a few years, just because of his SB win a few years back and the playoff berth this season. But whose to say, Modell is not the majority owner anymore so things could change.

I think Fassel is just waiting for the next oppritunity and he'll be on that ship. I don't see Fassel being the HC in Balt.

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Speaking of the Ravens, they (at Ravens Talk.com) really seem to think highly of the chances of both Warren Sapp and Terrell Owens going to Baltimore. I don't see Sapp greatly improving an already premier defense, but I do see TO helping out their anemic passing game, providing they can consistently get him the ball!

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