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Cut The Squirell We have the Celtic


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Yes, I think keeping KW is a good idea. Besides, it's not his fault the guys around him are so good. KW has shown he can be very good, and he doesn't cost us very much, really. He might be a future #1 or #2 (if something were to happen to someone else). We don't need him right this second, but that doesn't mean we won't, ever.

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Yeah, Kelley ain't goin' anywhere, at least not during the season. I love what I've seen from Chris Henry, but Washington is still very valuable to this offense.

Come the end of the season, he may be preparing for the guilloutine! (if I spelled that wrong, feel free to make fun of me.)

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Washington is a pretty darned good player to have on the inactive roster in case someone gets injured.

I don't want to see Chris Henry dance though. He looks too much like a woman already!

I thought he looked more like an alien. But who cares? He's friggin sweet.

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