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Weather could be a factor..


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I read where the weather is going to be around 83 degrees but the chance of rain is 40% in the afternoon and 80% that evening.. Winds will be 10-20 mph..

Soldier Field has new sod due to a Stones concet there..

Will it hold up with the rain and all? Is this going to be a run in the muck in the second half.

That would seem to favor the Bears a bit dont you think.. there grass is 3 inches high too..

I hope we take command of this game early before the elements kick in.....

Is this going to make any difference of the outcome ????

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Happily, the Bengals offense is built to deal with all kinds of conditions. If they have to run it 45 times because of field conditions and bad weather and play field position, I think they can with Rudi and Perry.

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Was just looking at the Chicago area radar on weather.com and it looks like it will be rainy for a lot of that game. Will be interesting to see how that affects things...ball security, dammit!


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Unbiased opinion .. I swear!

Bad weather favors the Bengals. Our passing game will hold up better to bad weather than Chicagos'. Point about the defenders having to change direction is valid. Can you see the secondary trying to adjust to CJ and TJ ??? Db's have a hard time with them on dry fields.

If it turns into a game of running and short passes .... we've still got the edge. The O line is doing a great job of opening up holes and Rudi just plain wears people out tackling him. Additionally ... are any of you really concerned about Perry doing a job in the flat ??????? B)

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Sounds like there's rain in Chicago. A sloppy track w/ less sure footing would change thing up a bit w/ Housh and Rudi more likely to play a greater role in the offense.

Chad might have a harder time getting the cuts he needs for separation but he'd still should be able to get free. Not sure about Perry. He's built for carpet first and foremost then field turf. Those make-miss cuts will be harder to get clean on grass, especially if it's wet and/or new.

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