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Chase Race #2 - Dover


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OK, here are the standings. In parenthesis is drivers you've selected in order -- you can not pick them and if you do, you won't get the points associated with the driver.

TonyFan20 (Ryan Newman): 185 0

Kirkendall (Tony Stewart): 180 -5

John Stofa (Tony Stewart): 180 -5

CBin2k7 (Jimmie Johnson): 142 -38

BillyBroome (Kurt Busch): 58 -127

My pick is Mark Martin.

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Matt Kenseth. :whip: He'll do well as usual on that track! 10 races w/ 8 top tens there. Now that is a good track for him!

Matt, Rusty, and Martin are my sentimental favorites to win the Cup.

Mark Martin's last three Dover races? 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Here are more stats:

Kurt Busch. 10 races, 3 top-tens, 1 top-five, only 13 career laps led. Has three finishes of 38th or worse.

Greg Biffle. 6 races, 2 top-tens, and one win. Three finishes with 26th or worse.

Tony Stewart. 13 races, 11 top-tens, 9 top-fives, Worse finish is 15th this spring. Has 1,066 career laps led. Has two wins, and two second place finishes.

Ryan Newman. 7 races, 4 top-fives, 6 top-tens, and 3 wins. Won only pole in spring of '03, and won. On the pole this Sunday.

Carl Edwards. After 2 starts, a 17th place finish.

Jimmie Johnson. 7 starts. 5 top-tens, 3 top-fives, and 2 wins. Two crashes resulting from a 32nd, and 38th place finish.

Jeremy Mayfield. 22 starts, 7 top-tens, 4 top-fives, 4 finishes 30th or worse. Average finish, 18.5 with 5 DNFs.

Rusty Wallace. 43 starts. 3 wins, 11 top-fives, 21 top-tens. In the past 9 races, only two top-ten finishes.

Mark Martin. 38 starts. 4 wins. 23 top-tens. 18 top-fives. Average finish 13.4 with 9 DNFs.

Matt Kenseth. 13 starts, 7 top-tens, 3 top-fives, with no wins. Average finish 14.6 with 2 DNFs. The past 3 races, Matt has finished 22nd or worse two times.

Do anyone want to change their pick? :afro:

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Kirkendall (Tony Stewart 180, Mark Martin 165): 345 leader

TonyFan20 (Ryan Newman 185, Greg Biffle 129): 314 -31

John Stofa (Tony Stewart 180, Kurt Busch 104): 284 -61

CBin2k7 (Jimmie Johnson 142, N/A): 142 -203

BillyBroome (Kurt Busch 58, Matt Kenseth 58): 116 -229

Oh man. I was born in '58. then in the first Chase race I go with Busch=58 points. Next Kenseth=58 points.

I'm stuck in a rut!! Everyone I pick scores 58 points :blink: If nobody else minds I'll pick the Bengals in all the races from here on out! Yes! We're racing the truck!


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