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The Cincinnati TEXANS!!!


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Kind of a misleading title. Practicing here would hardly make folks think of them in such a context. On the other hand, if the Bengals could extend the hand of hospitality to a displaced NFL team as yet another hurricane pummels our southern shores, it would certainly be the right thing to do.

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Let's just hope that the hurricane doesn't pummel Houston. Right now it looks like it's going to go right for Galveston. I've been there in downtown Houston where the stadium is, but I don't remember if that's one of the low lying areas or not. Based on the current track I'm more concerned about Houston flooding than anything else. But, if the Texans want to come to Cincy ahead of time to practice, that's cool. Actually it could be an advantage in some ways -- have time to get settled in, familiar with the surroundings, etc.

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NFL.com (link)

Texans to resume practice on Sept. 27

NFL.com wire reports

HOUSTON (Sept. 25, 2005) -- The Houston Texans will not have to resort to a plan that would have had them spending the week in Cincinnati after Houston was spared a direct hit by Hurricane Rita.

The Texans will take Sept. 26 off because of gas and transportation problems in the area and resume practice the next day, the team announced on its web site.

Houston has a bye this week and travels to face the Bengals Oct. 2.

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