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extraterrestrials in CHICAGO


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Ahhh Soldier Field .... Even I as a Bengal Fan used to feel Nostalgia for Soldier Field.... a Bastian of football history from the 1920's .... Then one day a few years back - A Spaceship Landed on the f##king thing - As you Bengals fans going there for the Game will see on Sunday. Being someone who used to live near Chicago a few years back during the renovation I got to see the Monstrosity and unbearable architecture first hand. Since then it has lost it's status as a Historic Site, added the name Bank One - Real Honor to the fallen soldiers who it was named after --- and been home to a pathetic team that is going nowehere. Before Soldier field was always still a positive even when the Bears stunk. Just as the Packers with Lambeau, it had character, and gravitas' as a place of historic and nostalgic importance to the football Gods - Now it looks like a set to Independence Day without Will Smith, and it has the worst of both worlds..... The Old rustic architecture on the outside, which badly attempts to blend into the space age just a few feet away. Stadiums are supposed to evolve in some cases, but you aren't supposed to be able to watch proof of the evolution. You either grow legs and lose your Gills, or stay a Fish - But With AlienSpaceShip field they do both - and ruin a glorious landscape and scenic area of Museum laiden Chicago. Being that the Bengals and the Packers are one of two teams that have not lubed up yet for Corporate sponsors and sold out, I will take pride this Sunday as the Boys from Paul Brown Stadium March right into that Colossal Spaceship - disgrace to what it once was - and trounce the Bears inside those historic pillars - which now are only missing a Nike swoosh logo. For those that are traveling there - Enjoy the laughter at the site of the place !!!

ufo.gifWe have a Landing




Version 2.0: Drivers along Lake Shore Drive in the past year have looked in disbelief at the sight of the alien spaceship that has wedged itself into historic Soldier Field. That ''spaceship'' is actually the new home of your Bank One Chicago Bears, as the old stadium has undergone a total, Oprah-like makeover.


Philadelphia | San Francisco | Shanghai | Seattle | Toronto | Washington DC September 24, 2004

Soldier Field Might Lose Landmark Status

The National Park System Advisory Board's Landmarks Committee unanimously recommended yesterday that Soldier Field be stripped of its status as a National Historic Landmark. The recommendation now lands on the desk of U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton, who is expected to make a final decision by the end of the year.

The process of de-designation came up in July, when the Park Service recommended to the advisory board that Soldier Field be demoted. That proposal claims that Soldier Field "no longer retains its historic integrity. ... The futuristic new stadium bowl is visually incompatible with the classical colonnades and the perimeter wall of the historic stadium." Ouch.




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I gotta agree. I still go to Chicago (great town) several times a year, and the first time I saw BearShipOne I was floored. Not that the stadium doesn't look nice, but it just doesn't work with the classic Soldier Field columns. Whoever approved this design should be forced to watch the bears suck season after season...

...oh, wait a minute...:lol:

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