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Sure seemed like Tab Perry and Ohalete were the first ones down the field a lot on kick coverages yesterday.

Perry looks a lot faster than Walter getting downfield and closed better on the returner IMO. Speed like that sure would come in handy vs. a PR like Randel-El who Walter had problems getting a hold of last year.

I couldn't tell if Ohalete was gunning or not but he was right up there ready to cream anything that moved. He might not replace Myles on the edge but he's up there with him on speed and balance moving toward the ball and delivers a whole lot more impact.

The special teams game is gonna be a factor Sunday vs. Bears. They got a KR in Jerry Azumah and PR in Bobby Wade who can both shorten the field for the Bears offense and keep field position in the Bears favor.

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I know he had a 15-yd head butt :lol:

No penalty Myles had was worse than the 2 Pollack had. Absolute killers they would be in a close game, but I doubt Pollack effs it up like that again the rest of the year.

Myles is solid in special teams but those gunners spots have to go to the players best able to fight there way down the sideline, get to the returner fast, and be able to maintain their balance in closing on the ball w/o getting blasted by a block, then kill the man with the ball.

Ohalate and Perry both looked real good on return coverage.

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