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Vikes 3-21 in outdoor stadiums last 4 years


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They have changed their travel schedule, switched hotels and rearranged their pregame routine. In losing 21 of their past 24 outdoor games, the Vikings have tried nearly everything to turn around their fortune.

Almost everything. On Friday, coach Mike Tice cranked up a portable sound system in the indoor practice facility at Winter Park. For most of a 90-minute practice, rap and heavy metal music blared from a speaker on the sideline.

The tactic is standard for most teams that visit the Metrodome, but until this season Tice had not used it. But after stumbling to a 7-23 record on the road during the past four seasons, including 3-21 outdoors, the Vikings are willing to try anything.

While noise might not be as great a factor in outdoors stadiums, the Vikings know there will be distractions nonetheless Sunday at Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium.

"It's just for an annoyance," said Tice, who began playing the music during selected portions of practice last week. "We're on the road, and [the noise] is going to be annoying. They'll be buzzing the whole game, and we're trying to play better on the road. That is one thing that I looked at thoroughly."

Friday's selections included a rap track that cornerback Fred Smoot said he produced and also provided freestyle vocals for. Smoot said the group's name is "Catfish and Cotton." Offensive lineman Adam Goldberg joked that he participated in the recording as well...

Ok, if I'm a viking fan. Me not confident about tomorrow.

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I'm not sure if this will be as much a factor as it would normally be. Culpepper and the offense just played a terrible game last week, and they will be looking for redemption. The Minnesota defense is filled with newcomers that are more acustomed to playing outdoors than the Vikings normally would be.

If this does prove a problem for the Vikings, then I fully expect to beat them by more than 10 points.

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This is the first time I have ever bet on a game...my sister in law has Vikes season tickets...thus I will be $20 richer (or poorer) by weeks end.

We also have to wear oppsing team paraphanilia for a day. I think she sent me a Vikings head band.

I'm guessing Housch and Geathers have the best day.

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