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Tailgating Recipes


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Just wondering what everyone likes before the game either at the game or at home

Was looking at the latest sports illustrated and saw all the recipes and the beer-bather brat with sauerkraut and apples sounded different and possibly good. its basicly a brat with onions, sauerkraut, apples, beer, an brown mustard... anyone ever tried something like this? does it sound good to you too? i could definitly do without apples though but never tried 'em

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Here's mine, for watching the game on TV, sat the couch.

It's fairly simply but with a tricky bit along the way, however, as with most things it gets easier with practice.

Take one glass and add a large shot of your favourite malt whisky.

Open one can or bottle of your favourite lager, beer or cider.

Now here's the tricky part - with one in each hand sup alternatively until gone, and then replenish as necessary.

Repeat until done (either game or yourself). :wacko:

More seriously my game day ritual includes a large, thickly sliced rump steak, splash generously with vinegar, and sprinkle with a little salt and add a good covering of ground peppar - cook to your liking.

Serve ontop of crofthouse mash (mashed potato, a finely chopped onion, a splash of milk and a good portion of grated cheese - all mixed well together).

Sprinkle with chopped herbs and stuff it down your neck!

Hmmmm, now I have a hunger ..................... Gentlemen ........... start your elbows! :)

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