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Convincing skeptics


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I was reading the Enquirer on line today, and noticed a particular line of thought in Curnuttes article. He says " If the Bengals score 27 points against Minnesota, they'll take a step toward convincing skeptics they have one of the leagues best offenses. They can no longer have dips against better opposition."

I agree that it would be a " step " , but that would be about it. In order to really convince skeptics ... not only in the media, but everywhere we're going to have to do the following.

#1. We're going to have to do what Indy did last week. Go on the road and take on a top level defense ( perceived or not ) and win convincingly.

#2. Have a winning season that puts us in the playoffs .... either by taking the division or as a wildcard.

#3. Win that first playoff game.

Until we do all three of the above, its still going to be .... " Yeah but ".

It took a long time to grow this monkey that's been hanging on our back, and one win ... at home ... against an 0 and 1 opponent isn't going to knock it off. Proof would be going back to the Chiefs game that we won at home ... and then Monday reading all the reasons why the Chiefs lost as opposed to our Bengals winning. We got way more credibility by beating the Ravens at their house ... and oddly by almost beating the Patriots as well.

as always .. just my opinion B)

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I agree somewhat, but think you are underestimating what a 2-0 start and the offense picking up where it left-off last season when Palmer went down in New England, will mean to folks.

People saw what Carson did to the Ravens and Patriots' defense last year and were in awe.

Then they watched them (w/Kitna) literally obliterate the Eagles on their home turf (regardless of the subs they played).

Again Palmer has won 5 of his last 7 starts, with those two losses coming to Pitt and New England - and the NE game he didn't get to finish after giving them everything they could handle on their home turf. 14 points combined is what they lost those two games by.

IF they get a solid win Sunday, they will have proven they are not a fluke, and are for real.

Sunday will be very exciting as it will tell us exactly where this team is going right now and not down the road. They could open up a lot of eyes this weekend.

I still don't think even our own fans realize just how good Rudi, Chad, TJ and Palmer are - but their supporting cast needs to be accountable also, that's where the questions lie.

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