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Hate mail for Hamby


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I just read a release from the AP saying that Ryan Hamby had been recieving hate mail due to his dropped pass in the U Texas game. A local product of moeller (right across the street from my current address), it is sad to see people forget how solid a tight end he has been over the last 2 years.

It is just a game, and in the end people must always remember this.

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Good fans - Give Hamby a break and wait for him to make up for it next week.

Bad fans - Send Hamby hate mail

Browns fans - See "Bad fans"


If they could have converted one of the other four field goal drives into a touchdown drive than the outcome would have been different. If anybody should get hate mail it should be the offensive coordinator, but you are right, it takes some pretty classless people to be doing that stuff in the first place. See above quote!

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